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Radio Barnsley: Training

Tailored to suit most people in an evening, Tuesday and Thursday nights from 7.00pm to 9.00pm.

After an Induction into the YMCA and Radio Barnsley you are introduced to the equipment, a daunting task but after a while it becomes easy to operate. Then into computer systems, no matter how hard we try to keep away from technology, broadcasting has been made easy with computers. These are simple steps to teach you to use systems no matter what your age is or ability.

Broadcasting also needs to keep to the law, standards and format. The course covers all of these.

And then onto greater things, air time to go it alone.

Course Information

All our trainers are fully qualified in radio and teaching and the YMCA is proud to work with them all.

No matter what your status or learning abilities we will give you the opportunity to try radio. 16 to 60, we can show you how and provide a certificate to say you can.

Studio Equipment

This is a hands on course, using broadcast standard equipment.

  • Alice Air 2000 broadcast mixing desk
  • Denon CD players
  • Tascam Minidisc players.
  • 3 purpose built studios for broadcasting and learning in. (click on photos below.)
Studio Image 1
Studio Image 1
Studio Image 1
Studio Image 1

After the course we develop you in the use of the following:

  • MYRIAD V 3.0, a computer play out system of broadcast Industry Standard from P.Squared of Hull.
  • Along with this is Autotrack, a database that formats the station sound.
  • Cool Edit Pro, editing facility.

Gone are the CDs, in comes the real play, unless you have something to offer that will require your own CDs?

Our People

We have a large database of broadcasters. Some have entered into radio from our course; one has just recently joined the BBC in London, another moved on to Radio Hallam. Others have developed as a person, willing to help, get involved, enhanced their CV, moved into employment and most of all, want to broadcast on YMCA Radio Barnsley.

Our course aims to develop the individual, as a person, as a broadcaster and as a team worker.

Interested in the course?

Then contact our Training Manager:

Address Icon Gavin Doxey
YMCA Radio Barnsley
Blucher Street
S70 1AP

Telephone Icon 01226 213121 (24 Hour Answerphone)

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