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Its Good News Week…… 2nd July 2014...

Stereo FrontAfter a long struggle to obtain a Community Radio Licence, we are pleased to announce that permission has been granted by Ofcom.

The Chairman of YMCA Radio Barnsley Dave Richardson said, “This has been so long in the making! We have been trying since the first mention of Community Radio by the then Radio Authority”. Prior to Barnsley getting a small scale Commercial radio station, Radio Barnsley was invited to become one of the trial community radio stations, however, due to the time tabling the commercial radio licence had already been put up and stopped us doing this he said.

Our new licence sets out target areas that are the key to its success, namely: Athersley, New Lodge and Lundwood.

We would hope to encourage volunteers from these areas to become involved with the station which is a not for profit organisation. It will need presenters, producers, interviewers, engineers and admin staff to make it become successful over a five year period and hopefully beyond.

Of course the rest of the Barnsley borough will benefit also, volunteering from around the town, we shall be offering an open door policy, with training, skills building and team working. More local services such as Health Centres and charities who can better explain what they do and how it can benefit the listener can access more time on air. The local council and those who make decisions can explain in detail Barnsley’s direction and listeners will have the opportunity to challenge what they propose.

All this centred on music from the 40s to the present day, requests and dedications and specialist music shows.

The licence awarded is for an AM frequency (due to the lack of FM frequencies in the South Yorkshire area) yes it’s still in use and will be for many more years to come and chances are, we still have a radio in the home that will pick up AM.

More hard work will be needed, “the cost of AM and its technical parameters are far greater than FM and the group need to secure funding to realise this. When on air, advertising will be available to meet the costs of the station and volunteers will keep overheads down.

It’s a great time for Barnsley and for volunteering. Keep watching this web site for more announcements.

Stereo Front2014: Another year and we play on...

Radio Barnsley has applied for an AM Community Radio Licence to cover the Barnsley area!

Why you may ask? Well, "because we can" is the easy answer, however, the real answer is:

  • We have always believed in what we have done, developing people, that's what the YMCA is about!
  • Radio is a fantastic way to get people involved, listening to something that gets them to participate or switch off!
  • AM is still in use, it’s still on older type radios (check out your radio now) and still supplied in the shops! Some DAB radios have it too so it’s still a contender all be it a lower quality than FM and FM doesn’t have the Burble!
  • Whilst Internet broadcasting is catching on fast, it’s still a costly medium in the car and some people won’t connect speakers to their computers so the quality is better and louder! Mobile phones are good, but will be better when 4G hits Barnsley and can you connect to your car radio from your phone?

We hope to serve the Communities of Barnsley on AM, inviting local people to get involved whether in the studio, making programmes/assisting in some way/ making tea or by listening.

We won’t hear how we have done in our application to Ofcom until later this year. Time will tell they say! This licence will give the opportunity for folks of Barnsley to have a say! No need to write!

Tell us what you think, by e-mail, by text, by Facebook. It’s easy! See our contact page.

YMCA Radio Barnsley is run by volunteers, people who give their time freely to help others, share experiences and have a product to share with others!

Our music provides for all tastes, from the 50s to the present day, go on, have a listen, click listen on line and wait a mo!

Radio Barnsley, on line, all the time, playing great music, from the Heart of South Yorkshire: Barnsley!

All the best for this year.
From the Radio Barnsley Team.

NEWS FLASH... We are still here, in case you have had problems connecting...

Radio Barnsley is keeping going by members own donations and like all charities in the UK we are finding it hard to get cash together (you can support us or send a donation... hint, hint...) so in order to keep broadcasting we have had to look at more cost effective streaming options and this has meant a change in our stream URL.

In addition, we have just updated which countries can listen to us to ensure we are meeting the PPL (Public Performance Licence) licence requirements, so if you are outside the UK you should now be able to connect to us using either our web site and clicking on the LISTEN ON-LINE button (top right) or by typing in our URL: (This is the URL you will need if you want to listen through your internet radio by the way....)

We are still low on members at the moment, hence most hours are presenter free, but night times may bring in a voice or two and Saturday morning a least three voices. If you are interested in presenting yourself why not book yourself on one of our courses... or for the not so bold we still need volunteers for other duties...

Why not give us a try, let us know what you think and e-mail the studio. We shall listen carefully.

Please keep listening and get involved, we have Facebook and Twitter accounts and are always happy to hear from you (especially if you're an ex-pat).


The Radio Barnsley Team

Awards for All & Ofcom Application

Audio MixerOur last broadcast in October to November last year was again a huge success. Seventeen hundred phone calls during the 28 days welcoming Radio Barnsley back and again taking part in the broadcast. Along with this we received e-mails from around the globe from those who listened on line, our first attempt at this. Its surprising how many wish to keep links with their own town! In addition 28 organisations were able to access the programming time to promote their services.

People of Barnsley also wanted to get their hands on the now famous, Bubble Radio, a prize we offered on all our quizzes. At the end of the broadcast Asda, Morrison's and Tesco provided us with delights to round it all off.

Awards for All Logo

All this was possible from a grant from the Lottery, Awards for All. Some 30 presenters took to the air, of these 5 new trainees who had undertaken our training programme "Community Radio Broadcast Skills", accredited by the Open College Network.

Ofcom have announced the opening window for the next round of applications for a Full Time Community Radio Licence.

Radio Barnsley will be applying again as it did in 2004.

We need your support, if you wish to support our application you can write to us at:

Ofcom LogoRadio Barnsley
Barnsley YMCA
Blucher Street
S70 1AP.

But please explain why you wish to support us.

We shall know the outcome hopefully in September of this year.

Our next broadcast will be in September of this year to celebrate 150 years of Barnsley YMCA.


Whilst a lot of our presenters have been with us some years we have not managed that long! If you have any memories from your YMCA days, in our current building on Blucher Street or from the original building on Eldon Street please contact us and let us know. This information can also be used for the Living Archive currently been put together by our Learning Centre staff.

Keep watching the site....

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