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Radio Barnsley: History

Radio Barnsley was formed a number of years ago, originally as a Tape Recording Club. It developed over the years and became a Hospital Broadcasting station. Radio Barnsley successfully broadcast to the hospital providing record requests, general entertainment and coverage of Barnsley Football Clubs' home matches.

In 1995 the hospital started broadcasting from its own studios based in the hospital and Radio Barnsley developed into a Community Radio Station. Programmes varyed from request shows to specialist music catering for the 35+ age range.

Since 1995 there have been 2 RSL (Restricted Service License) broadcasts per year, consisting of 28 days of broadcasting and involving over 50 voluntary staff.

On two occasions we have applied to Ofcom for a full time FM frequency licence and both of these applications were denied. Our opportunity to do what we have done since 1995 but full time, lost..

Volunteers carry out a range of duties from presenting, engineering, interviewing, answering telephones and even painting, repairs and making tea!

Radio Barnsley also offers a 6 week training programme. There is a cost involved with this, contact us for further details.

The training is run on an evening, Tuesday and Thursday nights, and then you are paired off with a mentor who will guide you through the next stages of training. Unfortunately it's not just about playing music!

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